Privacy Policy

The purpose of this document is to inform you of the practices of ("tMegle", provided by IOHQ LLC), which is designed to protect your privacy to the maximum reasonable extent. By using tMegle, you accept these practices, which are subject to change at any time. Upon change of this information, tMegle will make its best attempt to inform users of the change, without any warranty, express or implied.


At each connection made to, a record is created that will be used to identify you as a user. This record consists of a randomly generated "user id", and an encrypted IP Address. Your unencrypted IP Address is never stored on our servers. Your encrypted IP Address and user ID is used only to identify you as a unique user from a defined network.


Cookies are used to remember the user as described above. tMegle reserves the right to use cookies, and deny service to users who do not allow cookies to be used on webpages.


Conversations on tMegle are scanned by an automated system to score the validity and consistency of user behavior. Information interpreted by this automated system is stored temporarily and/or permanently depending on the purpose of the data. Any data collected by tMegle remains fully anonymous, and the data is collected purely for the sake of research & development.

Either participant in a conversation on is at their full right to share the content of the conversation by sharing a link to the chat with a 3rd party. This conversation will eventually expire from the server, invalidating the link that was shared. This is because the conversation is stored in the application, but is not stored in any database that can be accessed outside of the application's code, while the application is running.

Personal Data

Phone numbers, IP Addresses, Mailing Addresses and other sensitive personal information should not be shared in conversations between users. The security of this data is without any warranty, express or implied, as it should not be shared by the user by any means. tMegle will not ask for this information from any user for any reason.